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The industry is abuzz with the news...

Delivery Biz Pro Software News
** Note: DBP will no longer be updating news below, and instead will make client news available via our support tool, as well as the Twitter and Facebook feeds above. **

Mobile Fun
April 9th, 2012, Estes Park, CO

DBP will be releasing the beta version of it's customer mobile apps in 2 weeks - allowing seamless shopping and account management on phones and tablets. We're excited about the potential this is going to offer our clients - 70% of consumers this year will make a purchase on a mobile device.

In addition, we're also releasing iPhone and Android specific applications soon after - which will allow for "push marketing" - the ability to alert your customers via mobile devices about specials and events related to your company.

International Affair
November 28th, 2011, Estes Park, CO

One of the beauties of web-based software is that anyone can use it - anywhere across the globe. Delivery Biz PRO has recently engaged clients as far away as Jamaica and Iraq.

It's looking like the DBP conference 2012 is a go - we'll keep you updated on location and dates as they become available!

Oh - bear with us as we figure out the best way to utilize Facebook for our company - but we do have a basic page up and will be posting articles as there is time. Give us a like if you can!

Delivery Biz Pro Visiting California
September 22nd, 2011, Estes Park, CO

One of the Delivery Biz PRO crew members will be visiting a round of clients in California within the next 2 weeks - putting on employee workshops and checking in on operations and location moves that have been happening recently on the West Coast.

We'll also be showing off some of the latest and greatest functionality enhancements we've made, and training staff on new marketing tools - yippeeee!!

We're always excited to get on location and see how people are using our system first hand...if you're interested in an in-person visit let us know by using the contact page on our website!

Delivery Biz Pro Integrates Amazon EC2 Cloud Hosting
March 8th, 2011, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro has partnered with Amazon to integrate it's EC2 cloud hosting environment into our application - providing for a more stable, secure, flexible, and location-centric aspect to our service. 

This allows our application to grow as your needs grow - - all the way down to data and site replication, load balancing, and up to the minute snapshots of crucial business information.

We're excited to be introducing this new technology into our application and look forward to the new flexibility it will offer our clients!

Thank You RDIA
October 29th, 2010, Las Vegas, NV

Delivery Biz Pro would like to thank all that attended this year's RDIA - it was great to meet everyone and to listen in on and participate in the workshops - we're excited about the growth and potential that the diaper industry is showing and are looking forward to bringing some success stories to next year's conference!

We'll see you there...

Delivery Biz Pro Attending RDIA
October 6th, 2010, Las Vegas, NV

Delivery Biz Pro will be attending and speaking at the Real Diaper Industry Association convention in Las Vegas in mid-October this year.

With several clients in this genre already, we're looking forward to seeing what the DBP system can do to increase sales and efficiencies for other related companies.

If by chance you're in Vegas the 2nd week in October - give us a ring - let's get together and do a personal demo at our booth.

Here comes fall...
September 2nd, 2010, Estes Park, CO

The tourists have left and work's good to have the town back to normal.  The leaves are already changing, the temperatures are getting cooler, and the wood-splitting has filled up the weekends....

Fire season is also in full-swing - as you've probably noticed we've had several large wildfires - several of which were within a few miles of our office!

Bring the rain...snow...sleet...we need it.

Summertime in Full Swing
June 24th, 2010, Estes Park, CO

Summertime is in full swing up here in Estes Park - the town is packed with tourists and the rivers are out of their banks - trees have all blossomed and the air has that fresh scent of Carmel Corn and fresh chocolate.

Things have been rolling along here at DBP - we've released hundreds of new mods and pieces of functionality in the last 60 days, and expanded our package offerings to include customer service to the end consumer.

It's been fun to see our clients growing their sales and customer base as summer ramps up - it seems that the delivery industry is booming amidst the economic situation and jobless rates...vegetables seem to be doing the best.

We'll be having an open house coming up on July 2nd - at our offices in Estes Park - there will be free food, drinks, and fun - come join us @ 5:30 p.m.!

Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in the IHDA Conference!
April 28th, 2010, Estes Park, CO

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's workshop - Providence is a great city and the AB Munroe dairy we toured was a wonderful example of a clean-cut operation.

The topics of discussion were spot-on - everyone had great input and some new subjects were introduced such as adding vegetable delivery to the existing service - how that affects truck loading, employees, profits, time, etc.

We're looking forward to next year in Seattle, WA...count on seeing us there!

IHDA 2010 - Providence, RI
March 17th, 2010, Providence, RI

Once again DBP is set to attend the 2010 International Home Delivery conference in Providence, Rhode Island.  This year we'll be touring the AB Munroe dairy and learning about their facility and operations. 

The conference is April 8th and 9th - if you aren't signed up to go yet please contact us and we'll get you connected with the right people.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there and finding out how the year has gone!

Holiday Fun!
January 5th, 2010, Estes Park, CO

Welcome back from the holidays!  We hope you all got some much needed rest and relaxation, got to spend some time with family - and forgot about work for a bit.

Most of us here at DBP headed back to the Midwest for some family celebration - it was cold, icy, and bad roads - but we're all back safe & sound.  Lots of sledding with the kids, skiing, and record snowfalls.

We've got some exciting features and modules planned for the new year - and over the past few months have released quite a few modules, improvements, and offerings to our base product.

We're looking forward to the upcoming IHDA conference in April out on the east coast - we're going to be traveling to Maryland and California over the next few months to meet with clients and spend time with partnership organizations.

Have a blessed & prosperous New Year -

The DBP Team

Easier, more convenient shopping...
October 17th, 2009, Estes Park, CO

The new customer interface is launched!  We've been working hard the last few months to get a simpler, cleaner interface for customers to use when ordering.  The new interface has been integrated on live sites now, and initial feedback has been awesome!

Thanks for everyone's input and feedback - we're excited about the new functionality!

Shipping around the world...
August 19th, 2009, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently launched new functionality that allows our clients to not only deliver their products locally, but also ship them around the world.

We've been experiencing a tremendous growth rate not only in our client base (new clients around the world - from Dubai to British Columbia to Hawaii), but also in our employee hiring.  In the last 2 weeks we've added 2 new customer service staff members and 1 new programmer.

We're also excited to be working with our first client in the pharmaceutical delivery industry...we now have clients in over 12 different delivery genres ranging from dry cleaning, dairy, and water - to heating oils, diapers, beverages, pet food and meals.

New Functionality...
June 30th, 2009, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently launched another round of upgrades and new functionality - ranging from exporting GPX information to handhelds all the way down to the ability to automatically send out coupons based on payments made within the system.

We've also procured a relationship with another tablet provider that gives our customers more options for mobile hardware that allows drivers to make modifications to deliveries and enter new orders from the road.

We're in the middle of some *major* upgrades to the frontend customer experience that everyone is excited about...look for this to be launched within the next 2 weeks!

Thanks to all for your support and continued patronage! 

Thank You to All IHDA Attendees!
May 5th, 2009, Salt Lake City, UT

Delivery Biz Pro recently attended the International Home Delivery Association conference in Salt Lake City - as usual we walked away with some great new ideas, inspiration, and energy.  We are looking forward to next year and the new friends & family we will make!

This year topics ranged from driver compensation to new product integration - everyone was very forthcoming with what has worked for their business, what hasn't, and improvements that are in the works for the upcoming months.

Attendees also embarked on a tour of Winder Farms - a successful home delivery dairy in Salt Lake City, UT.  Everyone was able to see their facility and processes, talk about how they handled different common problems in their business, and take a look at different marketing efforts that have worked for Winder.

Next year we look forward to touring the AB Munroe Dairy in Rhode Island.

If you haven't signed up yet - visit this site:

Thanks to all that participated and we'll see you next year! 

Delivery Biz PRO Attending International Home Delivery Association Conference
March 10th, 2009, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently secured it's annual spot at the International Home Delivery Association - this year being held in Salt Lake City, UT.  This is a great event - each year a myriad of dairies and other home delivery related businesses gather to share ideas, marketing efforts, know-how, trends, and other data in an effort to keep in touch with the industry as a whole.

Delivery Biz PRO will be attending with its usual booth setup, and this year will be announcing the launch of a newly developed IHDA website that will allow conference attendees to continue their discussions and idea sharing online, as well as educate companies on what the conference is all about.

We look forward to seeing you there - be sure to stop by and talk to one of our representatives - we'd love to hear what you are doing in the industry!

Delivery Biz PRO Launches Global Feature Updates
January 12th, 2009, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently unleashed a slew of new features and functionality - many of them surrounding marketing of products within the system to customers, and communication.  A few of the new updates:  the ability to target customers with specific product ads based on their order history, auto-responder emails that get sent out at certain key points in the customer relationship cycle, and the ability to have tiered coupons and site discounts dependent on customer order history.

We have also rolled out the ability to have multiple types of deposits - from bottles to equipment deposits, rental fees, and other recurring fees tied to customers. 

One of the most popular new features is the "forward ordering" modification, allowing customers to schedule out the items in their delivery weeks or months in advance.

Want to know more?  Become a customer!  In the month of December we have rolled out no less than 107 new updates and features!!

Delivery Biz PRO Goes International
November 5th, 2008, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro has recently attracted the attention of clients from around the globe - places as far away as Greece, as close as Canada, and as diverse as the Middle East, India, and Colombia.  Several Canadian installations have been completed, with several more across the globe scheduled to come live later this month.

As part of the international rollout, Delivery Biz PRO is taking steps to provide system content in several different languages, as well as diversifying its corporate site and support mechanisms, and providing versions of its driver tablet software in alternate languages.

Delivery Biz PRO Launches New Features and Improvements
September 16th, 2008, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently launched a complete overhaul to the customer frontend ordering experience that now incorporates Ajax technology to provide smoother transitions between functionality pieces.

Along with these updates several new features were added including:  drag & drop route stop re-ordering, pre-order and time released products, improved multi-route user functionality, and several new reporting features such as profits, sales staff output, and outdated customers.

Delivery Biz PRO Launches Commercial Version of Driver Tablet
July 25th, 2008, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently launched it's new "commercial" version of our touch screen driver tablet solution - making it even easier to fulfill orders on the road.  Adding in the ability to create new orders at the door, accept cash/check and other payments, mark bottle and crate returns, as well as create new customers with a touch of the screen.  Many of our clients are now using the tablets as a point of sale system at their brick and mortar store - even allowing customers to enter their own orders as they browse products on location.

Interested in purchasing an xTablet T8700 for your home delivery business?  Contact us here.

Delivery Biz PRO Launches New Updates
July 10th, 2008, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently launched over 100 new feature and functionality updates to their home delivery software offerings - ranging from automatic cell phone text reminders of upcoming deliveries to new inventory control mechanisms allowing clients to track bottle caps, labels, and other misc. packaging items.  This was a global rollout which affects all of our live systems.

Delivery Biz PRO Partners With Mobile Demand
May 8th, 2008, Hiawatha, IA

Delivery Biz Pro recently partnered with Mobile Demand in an effort to offer its customers a new flexible solution in rugged tablet PC's for use by their delivery drivers.  Utilizing the xTablet T8700 delivery drivers will have instant access to live data within the Delivery Biz PRO software and be able to make changes to orders at the door.  This particular model was chosen for it's ruggedness and flexibility - not only offering the computing power but the options to support credit card reading, product scanning, and receipt printing directly from the truck.

Interested in purchasing an xTablet T8700 for your home delivery business?  Contact us here.

Delivery Biz PRO Attends International Home Delivery Association Conference
April 24th, 2008, Atlantic City, NJ

Delivery Biz Pro attended the April, 2008 International Home Delivery Association Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey this year.  4 members of our staff made the trip and spent 2 days discussing our software solution with East Coast dairies and learning about their specific needs and concerns in the industry.  It was a great trip and we are excited to attend the 2009 conference in Utah!

Delivery Biz PRO Attracts Colorado Dairies
June 4th, 2007, Estes Park, CO

Delivery Biz Pro recently completed 3 new software installations for home delivery dairies in the Colorado area.  Amongst them, Diamond D Dairy of Longmont, CO, says "the system has given us a tremendous boost in sales, organization, and customer support capabilities and has allowed us to focus on growing our door-to-door sales staff."


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