Why Choose Waste Management Software?

Delivery Biz Pro has been developing pick-up and delivery software, including waste management software, for years and we believe we understand what businesses need in order to be successful. Our waste management software helps you provide customers with the service they deserve. Many homeowners become frustrated when their scheduled trash pick-up is on Friday morning, for example, but it often isn’t actually picked up until Saturday afternoon. With our understanding of this industry, we have created waste management software to help companies stay on track and to create efficient routes that will ensure drivers are on time.
Garbage pick-up is a service that will always be around, so be sure that your company is on top with waste management software that is easy to use and offers a range of features and functions.

Features of Waste Management Software Solutions

Administrative Tools

For any service, customer satisfaction should always be a top priority. With our waste management software solutions, it’s simple to ensure that everyone has what they need. Customers can easily create an account, edit information, set up email notifications, and more. Business owners can view new accounts, make changes, manage communications, and create routes for drivers based on customers’ locations.

Reporting and Data Management

A significant part of any business is analyzing and understanding data. Our software features a customizable dashboard so you can quickly see month over month or YTD sales reports, customer information, and more. Not only can you get a variety of informative reports, you can be confident that customer data is secure with Amazon’s EC2 cloud storage.

Mobile Driver Software

The people who keep your business running are the drivers on the road. With smartphones or tablets, your drivers will have access to routes, be able to make edits as they go, notify customers, access customer profiles, and more. You can feel confident knowing that you are routing your drivers as directly and as efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Delivery Biz Pro strives to create software that is intuitive for everyone and provides features and functions that will help businesses in the solid waste industry grow and thrive. Along with our waste management routing software, we also have a team of web designers and developers who can build your business a website so customers can easily sign up for your services.

Stand out from the many other garbage pick-up services and work with Delivery Biz Pro for the best route mapping and garbage collection software.