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Our software was created at over 9,000 feet above sea level. Some say we have a higher perspective on the world of delivery


Delivery Biz PRO has deep roots in software development - our team has been developing online solutions since 1998 for companies like Comcast, Qwest, DirecTV, Western Union, Fox Racing Shox and Dell - to name a few. We've built applications that control oil and gas wells throughout the world remotely through cell phone modems and satellites for Exxon, and we've spent our time on submarines doing communications work for the Navy. We've also held bake sales to raise funds for our local schools. We volunteer as coaches, we're involved with our local churches, we spend time with our families, and we like to go camping with the bears.

As you can tell, we care about people as much as we care about software - something that you don’t see too often. Because of our mutual love for our product and the people who depend on it, our delivery software service is different than any other you have experienced before. We take a very active role in the well-being of our clients - giving guidance and consultation in many different areas of the business process. The high comes from seeing you succeed - doubling your customer numbers, doubling your sales, quadrupling the number of turkeys you sell this year...those are the things we get excited about.

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We believe that delivery software is never finished. It needs to evolve, meet the demand of the new user and constantly be analyzed. There is always a way to improve.


Our staff at DBP is blessed to be able to take advantage of all of the amazing outdoor activities the Colorado Rocky Mountains have to offer. We believe in taking time to live life to its' fullest.


We work hard and push our limits each and every day to serve our clients - balance allows us to be fresh, energized, and alert for each new engagement and delivery software advancement.


Our delivery software affects hundreds of thousands of users - and we take that seriously. Our crew works around the clock (literally) to support our clients in their delivery endeavors.

Judd Payne

Co-Founder & CEO

When I first started out in software development back in 1998 - the web was in its infancy. Through the years it has been exciting to see it develop into a full-fledged commerce channel that allows companies big & small to capture more sales, become more efficient, and reach larger audiences.

My goal in this career has been simple: listen to the client, work hard, and build solutions that give them results. Never give up. At DBP we try not to give you "tech-speak" - we tell it like it is, and educate our clients on the best options for their business based on our experience over the last decade - that is what has made us successful. What do I do for fun? If I'm not working, I'm in the mountains, on 1 wheel, 2 wheels, or 2 feet :)

Erick Prohs

Co-Founder & CFO

I'm a planner...most of my life has been spent managing businesses, or making them more efficient. When I joined DBP in 2007, it was refreshing to be a part of a team that actually cared about their customers and were making a difference in their businesses.

I grew up in Colorado - then moved to Iowa with my first's good to be back home in the Rocky Mountains doing something I love! What do I do for fun? If not working, I'm most likely being forced to head up a ridiculously difficult trail in the mountains on my Honda CR...Judd has tried to kill me multiple times now...I barely escaped Moab with a broken wrist.

"When clients are successful because of your software, you don't need sales people. That's the spot we like to be in. We build software that delivers success."



We're a constantly growing team of 20+ crazy cool people spread across the globe working in several states and countries - from Colorado to Michigan, and Germany, Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia, and the Ukraine - we've got you covered in almost any timezone. Over half of our team is located in Colorado and meets in the office twice a week - we absolutely love to have clients into our location to do on-site training so you can get the most out of your delivery management software for your industry. We also have new client launches and love when our clients get to meet the people they work with every day!


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Senior Web Developer


Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Senior Web Developer


Customer Satisfaction Manager


Director of Client Services

Max L

Senior Web Developer


UI/UX Manager


Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Customer Service Specialist


Agile Project Manager


Customer Interaction & Server Management Specialist

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