• Order management. Let’s face it, no one likes it when their order is wrong. It’s a particularly sore point when you’re a delivery driver and don’t necessarily have the ability to fix it for the client. Delivery management software by Delivery Biz Pro has made searching for, inputting, editing, and analyzing orders for your cannabis delivery service easy. With our app, drivers can make instant changes to invoices, enter new customer orders, print invoices, and even text customers. As part of our customer management tool, customers can also make changes to their orders in real-time, as well as set up their own recurring deliveries. With Delivery Biz Pro’s home delivery software, your cannabis delivery service will attract new customers because fewer errors are made.
  • Product management. Product management. Delivery Biz Pro’s delivery management software gives you full control over your cannabis products and prices. You can have as many products and categories as you want, as well as specify minimum orders by dollar amount or quantity. With our seasonal selection, you can control what dates your products are available, as well as set up pre-ordering, so you won’t be stuck with too much inventory. Track your current inventories, as well as forecast your needs, with Delivery Biz Pro’s home delivery scheduling software.
  • Billing management. Billing is another vital thing when it comes to the benefits of cannabis delivery software. After all, you have to get paid in order to continue to operate and provide your customers with the products they need, when they need it. Delivery Biz Pro has spent countless hours incorporating many features into our billing management. Trying to keep administrative costs down and the environment in mind, we’ve incorporated many paperless billing features, such as emailing invoices, setting up electronic payments so your customers can pay you online, and setting up payments to go into your bank account. Don’t spend any more wasted time on sorting through invoices and payments when Delivery Biz Pro’s delivery software for small businesses can help. Contact us today!

Simply put, with Delivery Biz Pro, your cannabis delivery service will prosper and thrive as you streamline your delivery processes with delivery management software. Contact us today to get started!