Picking up and dropping off dry cleaning has a reputation for being an annoying chore, but today, you can use our dry cleaning software to offer customers a service that makes their lives a little less hectic. But is your dry cleaning delivery service able to keep up with the competition? Delivery Biz Pro wants to help! Our intuitive delivery software includes a variety of features to benefit both customer and business owner, including route management, administrative tools, data and reporting management, and more. Learn more about our dry cleaning software’s top features, and get in touch with the team for a free demo.

Three Ways Dry Cleaning Software Will Help Your Company’s Success

Administrative Tools

The best dry cleaning software allows new customers to easily create an account, manage their orders, payments, pick-up and drop-off times, and set notifications. Ours offers all that and more. Business owners can view account history and activity, quickly find customer information, assign routes, see payment methods, and pause orders with ease. Logistics have never been easier.

Reporting and Data Management

For any successful company, it takes a complete understanding of the financials. Our laundry and dry cleaning software features a customizable dashboard where owners can view a variety of sales reports, such as month over month or YTD, top routes, top customers, inactive customers, and more. All reports are easy to access and can be exported to a CSV for ease of use. And you can always be confident that your data is secure with Amazon’s EC2 cloud services.

Mobile Driver Software

Whether you’re in a small town or a large city, routes can quickly become congested and complicated with a growing number of customers. Our dry cleaning software makes it easy to create a route, make changes to existing routes, add customers to routes, and more. And to make sure your drivers are providing top-notch customer service, we offer smartphones or tablets so they have customer information and more at their fingertips.

Delivery Biz Pro has years of experience developing the best dry cleaning software and others for a variety of industries, and we understand what customers and business owners want out of their software. Along with intuitive products, we also have a web design team to help build a customer marketplace for customers to learn more about you and to sign up for services.

Stand out from the crowd of other laundry and dry cleaning delivery services, and get the best in dry cleaning software from Delivery Biz Pro.