As one of the most popular fuel sources used, propane is required for many homes to run properly. From appliances like the washer and dryer, to home heating, firepits, and stoves — homeowners rely on propane. And when they need propane delivered, they often need it as quickly as possible in order to keep their home running. This makes it essential for delivery companies to have the software necessary to make efficient deliveries.

Delivery Biz Pro has been developing delivery software for years and we understand what customers and business owners want and need in a software. If you’re unhappy or looking for something better to help you serve your customers and to help your business stand out from the rest, here’s what you can expect from our delivery management software.

Administrative Tools

Both customers and business owners can quickly get the information they need, including account history and order history. Owners can make edits to their orders, manage the frequency of their orders, edit prices, and more. Our delivery software also provides route management so you can easily create a route, add a new customer to an existing route, and more. We also make it easy to communicate with customers with automated emails for account creation, order delivery, and more.

Reporting and Data Management

Running a successful business involves understanding how and where the money is coming in and how that can be improved and increased. With a customizable dashboard, you can quickly see month over month sales, YTD sales, top customers, inventory reports, inactive customers, and so much more. Get the data you need to easily analyze it and create a strategy moving forward.

Mobile Driver Software

So much control is in the hands of your delivery drivers, so make sure they can do their job effectively and efficiently with delivery software at their fingertips. Drivers can use smartphones or tablets to access customer data, route information, and more. When drivers are the ones interacting with customers, give them the ability to provide customer service that your clients expect and deserve — and save time and money while doing it.

For your propane delivery service, make sure you are providing customers with the best delivery software possible. Along with powerful and intuitive software, Delivery Biz Pro will also make sure you have a user-friendly website for customers to learn more about your business.

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